Plant Room

We are trusted experts in building and fitting bespoke plant rooms as well as the maintenance and repair of commercial boiler room systems. Consult our specialist team today.

We carry out all types of plant room work, whether you need to construct and equip a new facility, update your current commercial boiler system, rewire electrical circuits or ensure everything is properly maintained to enable maximum efficiency.

Our experienced technicians operate in various plant room environments including battery rooms, transformer rooms and boiler rooms and work with organisations of all sizes. If you need reliable, highly skilled professionals to install, service and repair your mechanical equipment and the electrical recourses that support them, you’re in safe hands with ADS.

From water pipes, tanks and pumps to gas boilers and pipework and from electrical control panels and equipment to ducts and filters, we’ll make sure everything is safe, efficient and free from faults.

Regular servicing and inspection are essential to keep your plant room running smoothly. Failing to do this can reduce efficiency and increase costs and downtime. We provide full services and safety inspections, interim services, all maintenance work and more. Our experienced and fully qualified plant room engineers have many years of experience and can be relied upon to get the job done right.

Photo Source – ADS

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