8 Common Plumbing Questions – and the Easy Answers

As plumbers we see certain problems occur again and again. The good news is, many of these are easy to fix, and it’s often possible to prevent them from happening in the first place. Here are 8 of the most common questions we get asked – and some simple fixes.

1. Why do my pipes rattle?

This could be because they are not secured well enough. Make sure they are properly supported, and the problem should stop.

2. Why won’t my bath empty quickly?

Soap and hair can bind together and cause a blockage. A chemical cleaner will often fix this, but if that doesn’t solve the problem, you can feed a drain unblocker snake down the drain to clear it.

3. How can I avoid frozen pipes?

Where possible, insulate them. When you can’t do this, leave the water running at a slight trickle overnight; the flowing water makes it harder to freeze.

4. Why won’t my dishwasher drain properly?

Food waste can cause a blockage in the filter. Make sure you clean this regularly and you may solve the problem. However, there are other possible causes including blockages in hoses or the pump, so if your own efforts don’t solve it, call in an expert.

5. Why is my tap leaking?

The most common cause is corrosion to the gasket, o-ring or valve. The good news is that by replacing those, you can usually avoid having to buy a whole new tap.

6. Why is my water bill going up?

You might have an unidentified leak. Outside, check for damp patches in your garden. Inside, the most common culprit is the toilet. To check it, put food colouring in the cistern and leave it for an hour. If the colour appears in your water bowl, you know you’ve got a leak.

7. Why does my toilet keeps running until you jiggle the handle?

This suggests the handle is getting stuck, leaving the flapper in the cistern open, which causes water to keep flowing into the bowl. Try oiling or tightening the handle, and if that doesn’t work, replace it.

8. How can I save water in my home?

Power showers can use as much water as baths, so consider fitting an aerator shower head for greater efficiency. You can also cut down the water your toilet uses by fitting a Cistern Displacement Unit (CDD), which can cut the water used by more than half. 

Need help?

If you’ve encountered any of these problems and need a quick, clean, professional solution, get in touch with ADS today. Our highly qualified and experiences team will be able to find the cause and rectify the issue in no time.

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